My 3year old girl was having a lot of tantrums, wouldn't sleep in her own bed at night and was unable to express her emotions. Through working with Deirdre she's calmer, sleeps a full night in her room and her tantrums have lessened. I now know how to be more engaged with my daughter, understand her behaviours and manage the meltdowns effectively. We are both happier and I am not as worried" (Anonymous) 

 "Before working with Deirdre our 10year old girl was suffering with anxiety, questioning everything and it was affecting the whole family. Now, she's more independent, confident and trusting of herself without us. We can now ego places as a family, we're less stressed and we're all much happier" (Anonymous) 

For the past couple of months Deirdre has been carrying out play sessions with my son. As a parent to a child who is 7 years old I have found the sessions invaluable to his development. Deirdre has helped me realise areas that he has needed help with, particularly as he is the eldest of 3 children. Areas such as family security, help with decision making and the importance of getting one on one time with him. (Anonymous)

Deirdre has provided some of the best help we've had since Eoin (4yr old quadriplegic cerebral palsy) was born. She is full of innovative ideas and has introduced new games and learning experiences to Eoin & his younger brother. Eoin in particular enjoys the sensory activities that Deirdre has introduced. Despite the fact that Eoin is non-verbal Deirdre has become really adept at reading his needs/likes/dislikes. Deirdre is 1 in a million and the kind of person if you could plant and grow more of would make the world a better place especially for families like ours. (Anthony Mc Callig - father)

Deirdre is completing Play sessions within our School. These sessions are giving the teachers a great insight into how we can better support children's social and academic skills/learning. 

(Fintra N.S. Killybegs)

The training was very useful and I have already devised sessions that directly reflect the content of the training course.  I have implemented the knowledge gained in the course into different situations I have faced in workshops since completion of the training and have seen direct benefit.  I have gained a wealth of strategies and concepts as a direct result of the training course.  I hold the course in great value and would recommend the course to others working in a similar field or looking to expand their knowledge base in Child Psychology and Play Strategies.       

(Luke Blakeley - Seedlings Circus Coordinator "In Your Space Circus" Derry) 

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