UNLOCK provides Support & Solutions for children with Challenging Behaviours and Confusing Emotions.

HOW? Through PLAY - their Language. It also informs and equips Parents/Educators with the knowledge & tools needed to help and understand children. 

There is a VARIETY of Services to avail from such as Individual Sessions, Parent Packages, School Packages, Staff Training & Online Consultation.


My name is Deirdre Ward, Ex Abu Dhabi Rose of Tralee, Proud Donegal Woman and Champion of Children's Well-being!

I am a qualified Play Therapist practising since January 2018. Prior to this I worked as a Primary School Teacher for over 8 years in Ireland and Abu Dhabi. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with children from 2years up to 13years with varying and diverse needs. I have volunteered alongside Aid Roche’s charity in Chernobyl, Barretstown Camp and also worked with children with severe needs such as a child with Quadriplegic Cerebal Palsy through Jack & Jill Foundation.

My core purpose is to bring my skills and expertise to children and families who need help, working with them to develop 'full-family well-being'. I am constantly learning and developing my practice and I am currently in my third year at CTC (Children’s Therapy Centre, Westmeath) studying a MA in Creative Psychotherapy (Humanistic and Integrative Modality). Play therapy is a developmentally sensitive therapeutic modality in which a trained play therapist uses the therapeutic powers of play to help children prevent or resolve psycho-social difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development. Play therapy is relationship based – the power of the therapy comes from the strength of the relationship between the Play Therapist and the child.

In January 2018, I launched the UNLOCK Programme - a programme tailored to the family to support the whole unit - Play Therapy Sessions with the child so that they feel happier, less anxious and more confident, Parent Sessions to support, listen, educate and advise on how to best help your child.

So - How can UNLOCK help you?

This programme supports parents who are worried about their Child’s behaviour** There's nothing worse is there? The sense of overwhelming fear and isolation when children are suffering, despite having a loving family is enormous. Overwhelmed with children who are anxious, temperamental, fearful or unpredictable. Overwhelmed as parents who will do anything to help. And too often, Overwhelmed with a lack of services, knowledge or resources to support them.

Of course, understandably, this causes massive stress and isolation for any parent. And, so often, a ripple of stress spreads out to touch every area of you and your family's life.

But I can HELP!


I created the UNLOCK Programme as a system of care that focuses on supporting child, parents & the whole family as a unit. This partnership approach is the most effective way to overcome challenges and achieve wellness. With a clear set of goals and step by step actions that we take together, UNLOCK ends the waiting, overwhelm and worry so that your whole family are happier.

Believe me, I know what I am talking about. Aside from my professional training, I can connect with children because I can so clearly remember how I felt as a child. Growing up, I was anxious, lacked confident and was afraid to trust others. Even though I was adopted into a family full of love, reassurance and security, some part of me felt locked inside. I have learned how to unlock myself, overcome fears, dispel worries and grow in confidence. Today my professional practice is rooted in a non-judgmental approach with empathy at its core. I provide safety, reassurance and love for you & your child.

Here are some of the ways I can help:


** I work with children from age 2-18 years, who are experiencing a variety of challenges such as:


  • anxiety

  • anger/rage

  • shyness/who are extremely quiet

  • lack of confidence/self belief

  • relationship/social skill difficulties

  • bullying

  • experienced loss

  • bed wetting

  • food aversions

  • sleep problems

  • parental separation

  • move to a new home/school

  • suffered trauma

  • children who have been hospitalised or illness in family

  • children with extra needs such as Autism/ADHD etc.

Send me a PM so we can have a chat as to how I can best help and support you, your child and whole family!


UNLOCK won 'Best Business Idea' in Donegal. (December 2017)

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